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Scholarship Information


Please watch the video by clicking on the following link if you are

  • graduating in June
  • planning on attending a post-secondary school in the next academic year (2021-2022)
  • wanting to apply for a scholarships and/or bursaries provided by the Penticton Secondary Schools Bursary and Scholarship Foundation:


Be sure to watch the video in it’s entirety BEFORE picking up an application package from the PMSS office.  Please only take an application package if you plan on applying.  ALL packages must be returned to the office no later than Wednesday, April 14th, whether you apply for a scholarship/bursary or not.


The difference between a scholarship and a bursary is that a scholarship is typically based on merit (ie: grades), while a bursary is typically based on financial need.


If you have any questions during the process (after you watch the video and/or when you are completing the application), please contact your counsellor of Mr. Wiebe.